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At what age should you see an orthodontist?

February 14, 2019
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Most people associate orthodontia with the teenage years, but in reality, the National Association of Orthodontists recommends children begin seeing an orthodontist around age 7. This is right around when children begin losing their first teeth, meaning that growth process setting them up for their adult teeth has begun!

An orthodontist can pinpoint issues related to oral growth and development and help correct them so that your child can grow up with a healthy smile. These issues might include an incorrect bite, such as an overbite, harmful oral habits, or teeth misalignment. Spotting these problems at an early age means that your orthodontist can provide your child with a custom plan to improve their oral health at the appropriate pace, and reduce the need for costly procedures once adult teeth have fully grown in.

Am I too old to see an orthodontist?

You’re never too old to see an orthodontist! Many adults may feel like they’ve missed their chance to have orthodontic treatment, but methods can be just as effective on adults as they are on children. While procedures may take a little longer due to denser bone tissue, the results are the same! Many orthodontists including us here at TW offer discreet treatment options such as Invisalign®braces, which are made of plastic-like trays rather than the traditional metal. These options can be discussed with your orthodontist during a visit.

It’s my first time here! What can I expect?

During your first visit, our doctors will spend some time getting to know you and learning about any orthodontic concerns you may have for either yourself or your child. We’ll go over any prior dental history as well as pertinent medical history before performing an exam. A custom treatment plan based on your needs will be created for you or your child following this exam, and your doctor may request teeth impressions, x-rays, or photos to help this process. After your plan is created, your doctor will discuss future appointments and a Patient Coordinator will help you with payment options before wrapping up!

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