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What Is Invisalign & How Does It Work?

August 27, 2023
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Orthodontic treatments focus on straightening teeth, and for many years traditional metal braces have been the best way to correct misaligned teeth, jaws, and bite patterns. While metal braces are an effective treatment, there are a number of downsides that come with traditional braces. Brushing your teeth is harder, you can’t eat some of your favorite foods, and for many patients braces are so embarrassing, they have to hide their smile during treatment.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to the traditional metal braces of old. Invisalign® invisible braces correct teeth and jaw issues just like traditional metal braces, but without many of the downsides associated with wires and brackets. What exactly are Invisalign invisible aligners? How does Invisalign orthodontic treatment work? How long does treatment take?

Here is our simple guide to help you understand Invisalign invisible aligner treatment:

What are Invisalign invisible aligners?

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is often referred to as invisible braces or aligners. That is because Invisalign aligners treat many of the same oral issues as traditional metal braces, but without having to resort to bulky and cumbersome brackets and wires. Instead, Invisalign relies on removable aligners to straighten your teeth.

What advantages do Invisalign aligners have over traditional braces? 

  • Removable. Tired of getting food stuck in your braces, or don’t want to give up the foods that often ruin brackets? Invisalign aligners are removable, so take them out at meal time to enjoy your meal without anything getting in the way.
  • Invisible. Invisalign aligners are translucent, making them practically invisible while you’re wearing them. They’re even less noticeable than clear metal braces, meaning that people will hardly notice you while wearing Invisalign invisible aligners. 
  • Clean. Brushing your teeth with braces can be tricky, and many people give up flossing due to the difficulty of getting around wires and brackets. With removable aligners, you’ll be able to clean your mouth just like normal, helping you preserve your healthy smile.

How does Invisalign invisible braces straighten your mouth?

Your orthodontist will take a scan and take impressions of your mouth to create an aligner. An aligner is a mold that you wear in your mouth that, over time, forces your teeth into proper position. As such, it is important to wear your aligner as much as possible. For the best results, it is highly recommended that patients wear Invisalign aligners for at least 20 hours a day.

It is also important that you visit your orthodontist according to their treatment schedule. Aligners have to be adjusted every few weeks to guide your teeth into their proper position. Failure to show up for your appointments and get your aligners replaced when needed can lead to significant delays in treatment.

How long does Invisalign orthodontic treatment take?

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to estimated invisalign orthodontic treatment. The biggest one is the patient’s age. It is highly recommended that young patients get orthodontic treatment done instead of waiting until they’re older. Teenage patients are still growing rapidly, making it easier for aligners to work with their changing jag. Adult patients can still get invisalign treatment, but it usually takes longer than child patients.

It is also important to remember that no two patients have the same set of teeth. Some patients only require minor adjustments, while others may require significant corrections to straighten both their teeth and jaw alignment. As a general rule, Invisalign orthodontic treatment may be half a year to two years to complete treatment. 

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