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Orthodontic Emergencies & What to Do

February 6, 2020
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Although rare, orthodontic emergencies can happen. Most problems can be solved at home, but what should you do if you find yourself in need of some help from the TW Orthodontics team? Read below for our most common emergencies and what you can do if you need help.

Bracket Falls Off or Becomes Loose

Brackets coming off or becoming loose can be a concern. If your bracket stays attached to your wires, leave it there and do not play with it. If the bracket comes completely off, put it in a bag and bring it with you to our office. Give us a call to let us know what happened and we will schedule a time for you to come in.

If the bracket causes you any discomfort, use orthodontic wax to cover it. Most pharmacies sell orthodontic wax if you do not have any on hand.

Wire Breaks or Sticks Out

We understand that if a wire breaks, it can be very uncomfortable and can hurt your cheeks, tongue, and gums. Please do not attempt to cut the wire. Instead, try using the eraser end of a pencil to push the wire into a better position. If that does not work, put some orthodontic wax over the end of the wire to stop if from cutting your cheeks or gums. Most pharmacies sell orthodontic wax.

If the wire causes a sore in your mouth, rinse with warm saltwater or antiseptic to clean the area. To lessen pain, try an over the counter pain reliever. Give us a call to let us know about the wire and if you are not able to resolve the issue.

Mouth Injuries

We highly suggest wearing a mouthguard if you are involved in any type of physical activity. If you are hit in the mouth and it causes your gums, cheeks, or tongue to bleed, put gauze in your mouth to help stop the bleeding. You can also put ice packs on the outside of your cheeks to help with pain and swelling. Taking an over the counter pain reliever will also help with the pain. Call our office immediately if any part of your braces breaks or come off. If you are able to save any of the materials, put them in a bag and bring them with you.

Spacer Falls Out

If you lose a spacer, do not try to put it back in. Use a replacement spacer that you were given to replace it. If you are unable to replace the spacer, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Sore Teeth

It is very common to experience tender or sore teeth for the first couple days after getting your braces on or an adjustment made. Your teeth have new pressure on them to move! We recommend taking Tylenol or Advil to help with the pain. You can also rinse your mouth with warm, saltwater for minor mouth sores. If a new bracket is irritating your gums or cheeks, remember to use wax until you become used to the new piece. Follow the orthodontic diet guidelines if you experience discomfort when eating. If your pain does not get better after 3-4 days, give us a call.

Need More Help?

If you have an emergency that you cannot solve on your own, always call us as soon as possible. We offer emergency services during regular office hours and will work you into the schedule as best as we can to see you as soon as possible. If you have an after-hours emergency, call your closest office location and you will be forwarded to the emergency line. We are here to help!

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