We often hear patients who are concerned about the appearance of their orthodontic appliances, and more specifically – braces. The good news is that now there are other options that traditional metal braces. That’s right – clear braces and clear aligners are both great options for many patients worried about how braces will look. (And this can especially be true for our adult patients!)

Clear Ceramic Braces

We’ve found that when people hear “clear braces” they almost always think of the aligner tray treatment plan. But that’s not the only option. Another popular choice for less noticeable orthodontic treatment is clear ceramic braces. This treatment plan places a natural-colored bracket that blends in with your teeth rather than the traditional metal brackets.

Even though the brackets may look different, clear braces work just like traditional metal braces do. They move your teeth using brackets and wires that apply pressure to your teeth. We think this is an especially good option for those patients who may be prone to forgetting to wear or losing aligner trays. Many patients find the look of clear braces an attractive way to undergo treatment and we agree!

Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners tend to be a very popular orthodontic treatment because of their subtle appearance. Patients will receive a set of clear trays (called aligners) that are custom made for each person’s individual needs. Teeth are moved into their ideal position by the gentle pressure that the aligners apply. Instead of coming in for appointments to tighten the wires on traditional braces, a patient will just pop in the next aligner tray – which means fewer office visits too! The best part is that the clear trays are virtually invisible! Most people won’t even realize you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Get Started with TW Orthodontics

We’re happy to answer all your questions about clear braces. We know the importance of having confidence in your appearance. There’s no reason to be insecure while achieving a lifelong beautiful smile. Clear aligner trays or clear braces can give you a subtle look with big results. Give our office a call today to set up a consultation and find the best treatment plan for your individual needs!